Thursday, January 12, 2012

Year of the Dragon - Take 2

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The Chinese contingent at the senior center liked the hanging dragon ornament we made last week so much, the center director suggested that I do something directed specfically towards our Korean members who also celebrate the Lunar New Year. With that in mind, I created this faux lantern that can be used as a decorative hanging at the center. The design couldn't be simpler: a paper cylinder with printed Korean characters that represent the most common greeting given for the occasion: "I wish you good blessings for the new year". The lacy bands were punched from black cardstock and run through a Xyron. A thin strip of double stick tape was stuck right down the middle of each strip, then it was covered in gold glitter while it was still on the Xyron carrier backing sheet. The glitter stuck fast to the double stick tape and to the little bits of residual glue around the punched edges of the lace strips creating just a touch of glitz without overpowering. Red cardstock bands were embossed with bamboo leaf images and wrapped around the top and bottom of the cylinder to give it extra stability.

I could have made this project a lot less labor intensive if:
1. I had used a double edge punch to create the lace strips. Instead I used a single edge punch which meant I had to punch each side separately (48 strips - 96 sides), being careful to match up the design, or if;
2. I had used a ready-made die cut strip. This would have been the easiest but the most costly, especially since I have to make 13 kits -- one for the prototype and 12 for the actual crafts class,
3. I had used pre-printed paper on the edges. Then I would not have had to stamp and emboss each strip (26 in all) multiple times to create the effect.

It was a great idea when I was creating only one but when I had to create multiple kits, it turned out to be a LOT of work. Nevertheless, I'm sure all the ladies will like the project and the Koreans will particularly enjoy being acknowledged on their special holiday. I'll update after the class with their reactions.

Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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