Friday, November 2, 2012

Pitiful Pooch

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Note the bandage on her right leg.
The only thing more pitiful and miserable than an injured or sick child is an injured or sick pet and today our dog, Marla, was injured while running through some grass. Somehow she cut herself on her right rear leg near the joint and although the wound was small and didn't bleed much, it appeared to be somewhat deep. My son and I cleaned the wound, applied antibiotic ointment and wrapped it with gauze and tape to prevent infection. That was the easy part. The more difficult part was keeping her from chewing off the bandages. At first she was muzzled which promptly turns her into a floor mat as she throws herself flat on the floor in a gesture of total defeat. It is truly a pitiful sight. Then we borrowed a plastic dog cone from my sister who had used it on her own dog. Problem was that my dog is medium sized and my sister's dog is BIG. Needless to say we had to do a little gerry-rigging to get it to stay on her (gotta love those binder clips). She was no less pitiful but at least she wasn't muzzled. She should be fine in a day or two. We've just got to get her through the night without chewing off her bandages.

Poor baby.

Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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