Thursday, November 26, 2009

Getting It Just Right

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I've begun serious deliberation over what this year's holiday card should look like. I came up with a layout I like and began to create it in several different color schemes. Sometimes a card just comes out right the first time and I don't have to tweak it. Other times I need to go over it and over it, changing a little something each time until I achieve something I'm totally satisfied with. When I'm unsure and need a fresh perspective on my work, I call in the children. You might think that my kids are biased in favor of my work but that is not the case, and I have come to rely on their brutally honest insights. They don't try to water down their opinions in order to placate me. They tell me exactly what they think about anything I'm creating and many times I have used their constructive criticism to improve on my work. In addition, since this year's holiday card is something that will represent us all as a family, I thought it was appropriate to get them involved in the creative process.

Above you will see three variations of the card layout: green/red, lt. blue/dk. blue, and silver/gold. When I asked my kids for their opinions I deliberately asked them separately because I didn't want them influencing each other. Interestingly enough they both said exactly the same thing. They immediately set aside the traditional red/green and said they would prefer the blue trees on the white background. I took their suggestions to heart and came up with the card you see below. When I again asked for their opinion, they once again agreed: the new version got a thumbs-up from both of them.

So here's our family's card for the 2009 holiday season. Creating them won't be nearly as daunting as addressing and stamping all those envelopes.

Anybody know how to mail-merge?

Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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  1. Happy New Year Gitano!

    I found your group on the links list over at OSA (your blog name called to me!) - thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed reading thru your blog (congrats on your recent pubs, by the way!) Your Christmas cards are beautiful but I'm partial to the last one, which reflects the beautiful wintry combo of blues and whites!

    Come visit me at Create With Joy when you have a moment - you feel like a Kindred Spirit!

    Ramona :-)