Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Thursday Tip

Oriental Stamp Arts, the Yahoo group to which I belong, solicits tips and tricks from its members every Thursday. One tip is selected from among the entries for a weekly prize. One recent tip that I submitted was seen by Nancie Waterman, the editor of Vamp Stamps News ( who contacted me for permission to publish my tip in the June 2010 issue which I granted. I never thought my little tip, discovered quite by chance, would garner so much attention. Read it below.

When using acrylic stamps, I have found that when I'm stamping a verse or image that is long and thin, it is difficult to get the stamp to cling in a straight line. It always seems to curve ever so slightly up or down when I try to lay it on the mount. By chance I discovered that if I lay the stamp face down on my cutting mat, the grid lines help me align the stamp properly. Then all I have to do is lower the stamp mount onto the stamp and, presto, it's straight.

I hope you find it helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

Ballo ergo sum- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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