Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Hurrieder I Run, The Behinder I Get

I've been living life on the fast lane for at least a week now since I returned from my daughter's graduation in North Carolina. No sooner did the plane's wheels hit the tarmac than I hit the ground running and I haven't stopped running since, so much so that my Thursday afternoon senior citizen's crafting class was looming large and I didn't have a project ready for them. I couldn't show up without anything for my ladies especially since I had been absent the week before but I was so tired that my mind literally shut down. I couldn't come up with anything until the wee hours of Thursday morning when I pulled this blue and green rabbit out of my hat. I actually cut and pulled all the pieces of this card together in a couple of hours before I had to be at the center. The card opens like a matchbook with the front flap tucking into the scalloped turned-up edge at the bottom. I added a small heart charm on the bottom edge that is inscribed with the sentiment "Hand Made from the Heart". Overall this is probably one of the least inspired of anything I've made but the ladies didn't seem to mind at all. The bright colors and the charming touches of trim and tassel were enough to appeal to them. They are a very forgiving group.
That's me instructing a member
on project assembly.
Two of my wonderful senior crafters.
At least I got a jump start on this week's project. It's relatively simple but I think they will enjoy it. It is a small treat box featuring a medallion front and a string wrap closure. (When they're finished making the boxes, I'm going to fill them with some treats!) The pattern on the card stock was formed with a small rubber stamped image stamped multiple times. This will mark the group's first foray into rubber stamping and I have fingers and toes crossed that it will be successful. Up until now I have stamped the images that were used in any of our projects because we simply didn't have stamps and ink enough for everyone. The combination of my constant solicitation of donations on Facebook coupled with the small grant I received from the Department of Cultural Affairs has produced enough stamps and ink pads to accommodate everyone in my small group.

Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva
Design team member for About Art Accents

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  1. This just highlights one of so many great things about you, Gitana: your least-inspired creativity is better than most other people's most-inspired. Beautiful as always.