Saturday, October 29, 2011

Creative Withdrawal Pangs

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I have been so busy doing so many things for others that I really haven't taken the time to indulge in doing those crafty and creative things that I love to do for myself. This week, after I completed my weekly project for my ladies at the senior center (seen in the smaller photo below), I found myself longing to do something that allowed me to do exactly what I wanted without simplifying the process for the benefit of others. The sensation was a physical pang in the center of my chest that would not go away. It was urging me, compelling me to create something in that very moment.

It was already in the wee hours of the morning when this internal conversation was going on so whatever I did, it had to be quick, easy and satisfying. I decided to use stamps I had never used before, inks I haven't used in quite a while and create in a format I haven't used since the beginning of the year. The result was the simple ATC you see in the top photo. The small size (2-1/2 X 3-1/2 inches) made it a quick project and the duochromatic pallete meant I didn't have to think too much about color.

Although this is not one of my best pieces, I found it immensely satisfying on a number of fronts. It fulfilled my urge to create just for me, allowed me to experiment with new images and came together quickly. Most of all, I didn't think about it. I just let it flow. The knowledge that the result was for no one other than myself gave me the freedom to just let go and allow my hands to wander around my table, picking up this stamp, that ink pad, sponging this and edging that, covering the paper without a lot of effort. It felt good, very good, and it made me smile.

 Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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  1. Not just beautiful work, Gitana, but an inspiring story behind it. You really are the total package. (Btw, happy anniversary! :-) )