Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn's Approach

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The dog days of summer are at an end and Autumn tosses her pretty head. At the Dorchester Senior Citizens Center we welcome the cooler days of autumn by crafting some beautiful all-occasion cards and a pretty hanging picture frame.

In a departure from our usual side opening cards, I designed a gatefold card that opens out to either side from the center. The Asian inspired designs are simplified versions of actual Asian motifs and rest on a background of handmade Asian papers. The inside of the card is watermark stamped in a bamboo pattern.

Pattern play was the order of the day with our black, white and one color card. In this case the contrasting color was a bright, peppery red that just popped off the page. The overall design, while simple, is given visual punch by the repetitive patterns.

The glory of autumn's colorful display is the inspiration for the Falling Autumn Leaves card. Tiny individual leaves punched in a variety of colors and patterns are arranged to look like the leaves of an autumn tree. You can see in the detail photo how the different colors and patterns work together to replicate the colorful trees of this season.

Less is more as evidenced in this very simple yet chic hanging picture frame. Visual interest is achieved with patterned paper, a gold beaded applique and a glossy black feather. Here is a simple frame that allows the photo to do all the talking while it quietly whispers in the background.

All of our crafts are on permanent display at the senior center, located at 1419 Dorchester Road in the Ditmas Park section of Brooklyn. For further information you can call them at 718-941-6700 or email the director, JoAnne Biswakarma, at

Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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