Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blown Eggs

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Waaaay back in January I posted a brief tutorial on the art of blowing an egg. In the span of time from then until now a dozen different things came up that distracted me from actually doing anything with all those clean and empty eggs. In spite of the fact that Easter is right around the corner, I finally decided that I wasn't going to rush them. I want to take my time with them and let the eggs speak to me in their own good time. I also decided that regular paint would just not do so I wanted to experiment with something that would really make them special. It so happens that this decision coincided with my acquisition of some pretty nail polish colors -- colors I would never wear on my fingernails but would look awesome on something else, let's say, an egg!

Above is a photo of two eggs I have worked on. The burgundy one in the foreground has about six layers of polish on it to achieve depth of color. The stripes are accomplished with 1/8" super sticky tape that was applied to the clean egg before the color was painted on. There are eight sections in the design and every other section was given two additional coats of clear glittery polish. The protective top layer of the tape was then carefully peeled off, revealing the original white color if the egg shell. Microfine gold glitter was applied over the tape and pressed lightly with a finger to assure adhesion. A clear semi-gloss polyacrylic finish was sprayed on to protect the color and prevent the glitter from flaking off. I haven't decided if it is finished yet so I'll let it hang around my work table a bit longer.

The teal one has only just begun it's transformation. Still don't know what direction it will go in but no doubt it will be beautiful when it's done. Just look at that deep rich color. It is definitely better suited to an egg than to my fingernails.

I'll be sure to post more photos as I make progress on these eggs. Stay tuned.

Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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