Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Tiny Little Kitchen Trick = A Big Difference

This post is way off my beaten track but bear with me.

Have you ever spent untold time, energy and scouring pads trying to clean off the burnt on grease that stubbornly clings to your stove burners? If you have a self-cleaning oven, I've got a tip that will change all that. It was something I discovered after my own countless and futile attempts to clean my burners.

It occurred to me that burners are made to withstand the high and sustained heat of cooking, like an oven. I figured if the burners could withstand the heat of the oven, they could probably withstand the much higher heat of a self-cleaning cycle. Sure enough, the next time I set my oven to self clean, I placed the burners inside. Hours later when the cycle was over and the burners cooled to the touch, I sponged and rinsed them off and...VOILA!...clean burners. They actually looked like new again after all that accumulated schmutz (that's a technical term) was removed. One year I needed to have a repair made to the stove and I mentioned this to the repairman. He looked at me in surprise and said, "Wow, I'm gonna tell that to my customers."

You're welcome.

Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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