Saturday, March 19, 2016

A New Start With Old Friends

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I have returned to my beloved senior center to conduct crafting classes as I did four years ago. It seems so bizarre that it's been four years already. I feel as if I never left the place. Today I returned to conduct a crafts class and, as usual, the project was a card. As with all new activities, the members have to ease themselves into it slowly so I only had a couple of women to work with but I'm sure with time my participants will increase.

This first card was a simple one based on a layout I found on Pinterest and introduced the techniques of die punching and rubber stamping to the class. The ladies had a choice of punches and stamped verses to choose from to make their card unique. They both enjoyed themselves and one of the ladies asked to make another one for her son who will soon be graduating from a trade school. Hopefully they will spread the news to the other members and more will join the class.

Last week I decorated the center for St. Patrick's Day using predominantly purchased items in addition to some hanging shamrock ornaments that were made by the center members in one of my classes five years ago and still survived. I created another version of that ornament and made some to add to the original batch and used them to dress up the center a bit. Here's a photo of this year's version of the ornament. You can go HERE to see the original version and the women who made them.

St. Patrick's Day is over now and all the shamrocks have come down in preparation for spring decorating. I will soon be putting up the pretty new panels I made a few weeks ago. Go HERE to see those panels and the original one they were based upon.

This time around I would like to introduce techniques to the members that they can build upon to create cards and other objects as opposed to creating complete kits that they assemble. I want them to do more of the work in order to foster a sense of pride and accomplishment in the finished product. We'll see how it goes. If nothing else, this is a new start with old friends. Another adventure begins.

Ballo ergo sum
- Gitana, the Creative Diva

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